Mcoco Zysa Hinges Sizes 13x45 to 28x118 Antique Brass & Satin Nickel Finish - ZYS

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Mcoco Zysa Hinges are expertly crafted with sizes that range from 13x45 to 28x118, available in antique brass and satin nickel finishes. With precision and durability, these hinges provide secure and reliable performance.

ZYS 118.28 AB  Zysa Hinges 28x118 - AB (GK 730) 
ZYS 118.28 SN Zysa Hinges 28x118 - SN (GK 730)       
ZYS 45 AB Zysa Hinges 13x45 - AB (F 606) 
ZYS 45 SN Zysa Hinges 13x45 - SN (F 606) 
ZYS 60 AB Zysa Hinges 13x60 - AB (F 605)
ZYS 60 SN Zysa Hinges 13x60 - SN (F 605) 
ZYS 70 AB Zysa Hinges 16x70 - AB (F 604) 
ZYS 70 SN Zysa Hinges 16x70 - SN (F 604) 
ZYS 95 AB Zysa Hinges 19x95 - AB (GK 730)       
ZYS 95 SN Zysa Hinges 19x95 - SN (GK 730)   



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