Yale Padlock Weather Proof, Width 51mm & 61mm, Solid Brass Satin Chrome Body with Boron Steel Shackles - Y220

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Weatherproof Padlock

Yale's weather-proof padlock is designed with a solid brass satin chrome body and boron steel shackles for optimal security and durability. Available in two sizes (51mm & 61mm), this padlock is perfect for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions.


  • Solid multi-layered steel body protection system
  • Keyway cover cap to prevent rusting
  • Double ball bearing lock for added security


  • Laminated padlock body
  • Highly protected surface resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Double ball locking mechanism for higher security
  • Hardened steel boron ring
  • High resistance to cutting and picking
  • Keyhole protection mechanism
  • Weatherproof padlock suitable for outdoor applications


Y220/51/118/1 - Weatherproof Padlock 51mm pk 1
Y220/51/118/3 - Weatherproof Padlock 51mm pk 3
Y220/61/123/1 - Weatherproof Padlock 61mm pk 1


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