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The Tramontina Latte Spoon 66960810 is perfect for mixing and adding sugar or other seasonal items to your tea. Made of highly durable stainless steel, this spoon is resistant to corrosion and built to last. Add this essential to your kitchen for worry-free preparation.

Main functions and benefits -  Spoon with basin in symmetrical format and carefully rounded edges, providing more comfort in use.
Completely made of stainless steel, it maintains its original characteristics, preserving the beauty, hygiene and durability of the material.
Glossy finish.
Suitable for daily use, it combines with any environment.
They can be washed daily in the dishwasher.

Recommendations for use -    During washing, use only soap or detergent and a soft sponge. Other types of products, such as wire or aluminium sponge, can scratch them and affect the shine of the cutlery.
Rinse each part thoroughly to completely remove cleaning product residues, which, being abrasive, can damage stainless steel.
Whenever possible, use hot water, because it renews the shine of the cutlery.
After washing, rinse the cutlery immediately, otherwise the chemicals in the water (chlorine) can cause staining.
Avoid rubbing the cutlery during the washing process and in storage to avoid scratching.
Avoid contact of parts with hot surfaces. That causes discoloration of the product.
Do not store the tableware in humid places. Moisture also causes staining.
When using a dishwasher, we recommend removing the cutlery after the “rinse” cycle has finished to dry them manually.


Dimensions 178 × 25 × 10 mm
Brand Tramontina
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Stainless Steel


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