Mcoco NB Tower Bolt, Sizes 3 to 60 Inches, Antique Brass, Stainless Steel, Graphite Grey & Polished Brass Finishes - TBM

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Mcoco NB Tower Bolt is the perfect security solution for larger doors and gates. Available from 3 to 60 inches, with stainless steel and brass options in antique, graphite grey, and polished brass finishes, this tower bolt ensures reliable security with style.




TBM3AB Antique Brass 3 Inches
TBM3SS Stainless Steel 3 Inches
TBM3GG Graphite Grey 3 Inches
TBM4AB Antique Brass 4 Inches
TBM4SS Stainless Steel 4 Inches
TBM4GG Graphite Grey 4 Inches
TBM4PB Polished Brass 4 Inches
TBM6AB Antique Brass 6 Inches
TBM6SS Stainless Steel 6 Inches
TBM6GG Graphite Grey 6 Inches
TBM6PB Polished Brass 6 Inches
TBM8AB Antique Brass 8 Inches
TBM8SS Stainless Steel 8 Inches
TBM8GG Graphite Grey 8 Inches
TBM8PB Polished Brass 8 Inches
TBM10AB Antique Brass 10 Inches
TBM10SS Stainless Steel 10 Inches
TBM10GG Graphite Grey 10 Inches
TBM10PB Polished Brass 10 Inches
TBM12AB Antique Brass 12 Inches
TBM12SS Stainless Steel 12 Inches
TBM12GG Graphite Grey
12 Inches
TBM12PB Polished Brass
12 Inches
TBM18AB Antique Brass
18 Inches
TBM18SS Stainless Steel
18 Inches
TBM18GG Graphite Grey
18 Inches
TBM18PB Polished Brass
18 Inches
TBM24AB Antique Brass
24 Inches
TBM24SS Stainless Steel 24 Inches
TBM24GG Graphite Grey 24 Inches
TBM24PB Polished Brass 24 Inches
TBM30AB Antique Brass 30 Inches
TBM30SS Stainless Steel 30 Inches
TBM30GG Graphite Grey 30 Inches
TBM36AB Antique Brass 36 Inches
TBM36SS Stainless Steel 36 Inches
TBM36GG Graphite Grey 36 Inches
TBM36PB Polished Brass 36 Inches
TBM48AB Antique Brass 48 Inches
TBM48SS Stainless Steel 48 Inches
TBM48GG Graphite Grey 48 Inches
TBM48PB Polished Brass 48 Inches
TBM60AB Antique Brass 60 Inches
TBM60SS Stainless Steel 60 Inches
TBM60GG Graphite Grey 60 Inches


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