Mcoco Square Flush Handle, Sizes 102,125,150mm x 51mm, Antique Brass & Stainless Steel Finish - FH204

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Mcoco's Square Flush Handle will make a stylish addition to any room. Its elegant design and solid construction make it a reliable choice for any home. Crafted from stainless steel and antique brass for a unique finish, this handle is available in three different sizes - 102, 125, and 150mm x 51mm - to match any style.

Codes Sizes Finish
FH204SS102X51 102X51mm Stainless Steel
FH204SS102X51WS 102x51mm Stainless Steel
FH204AB102X51 102x51mm Antique Brass
FH204SS125X51 125x51mm Stainless Steel
FH204AB125X51 125x51mm Antique Brass
FH204SS150X51 150x51mm Stainless Steel
FH204AB150X51 150x51mm Antique Brass


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