Mcoco Magnetic Door Stopper , Small Size , Zinc Alloy SN Finish - BL213

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Item Codes - BL213SN & BL213MAB

Brand - Mcoco

Finish - Matt Antique Brass & Satin Nickel

Installation Instruction

 1.Determine the location of the base on the (1) wall (2) ground according to the door stop       position and draw lines.

2.Drill three 6mm holes on the (1) wall (2) ground

3.Knock plastic stopper into (1) wall (2) ground with hammer.

4.Fix door Stop base with screw on the (1) wall (2) ground .

5.Spin the crust of the catch into the catch base screw.

6.Determine catch head position, making it align to the catch base and  draw lines.

7.Fix the catch head

8.Spin the catch head into catch base cover.


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