EuroArt Sliding Door Hook Lock For Bathroom 50mm Backset Stainless Steel- HL0050WC.KIT

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Sliding Lock for Bathroom Doors

The EuroArt Sliding Door Hook Lock is the perfect way to secure your bathroom door. This durable stainless steel lock features a 50mm backset, making it an ideal fit for many sliding doors. Enjoy reliable protection and peace of mind with this EuroArt lock!


  • 50mm backset
  • Supplied with Door Edge Pull
  • Various designs of flush pull with turn and release available

HL0050WC.KIT1 - Sliding Hook Lock 50mm Backset With 2 Nos Round Flush Handle Turn Side

HL0050WC.KIT2 - Sliding Hook Lock 50mm Backset With 2 Nos Square Flush Turn Side




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