Ebco Cabinet Stay Heavy, Left & Right Side Nickel Plated Finish - CS1.H

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CS1-H - Ebco Cabinet stay heavy

  • Ideal for overhead cabinet shutters.
  • Flexible to mount for three different opening angles - 75º, 90º & 110º.
  • Pressure can be adjusted with the Allen key.
  • Recommended to use with 'Ebco' Slip-on / Click on Hinges (Overlay)
  • Max. recommended shutter size:
  1. with one stay    - 900 x 450 x 18mm
  2. with two stays  - 900 x 650 x18mm
  • Max. Shutter Load :
  1. with one stay - 6 Kgs
  2. with two stays - 13.3 Kgs"
  • System 32 compatible.
  • Manufactured out of Zinc alloy and Nickel Plated.


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