Stanley Rack and Pinion Door Closer With MS Cover Option 80kg Silver Finish - SGDC100SCOV

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Stanley SGDC100 Over Head Door Closer Size 2-4 

This Stanley SGDC100 is a trim and economical door closer which is ideal for use on all common door types.


  • Power size EN 2, 3 or 4 selectable by template and shoe adjustment
  • Size EN 2: Maximum door width of 850mm & weight of 40kg
  • Size EN 3: Maximum door width of 950mm & weight of 60kg
  • Size EN 4: Maximum door width of 1100mm & weight of 80kg



  • Adjustable closing speed by independent valve; range 180˚- 15˚
  • Adjustable latching speed by independent valve; range 15˚- 0˚



  • Tested & certified to BS EN 1154:1997
  • CE marked for use on fire and smoke check doors
  • Non Handed
  • Optional parallel arm bracket available, enquire via our sales department
  • Cast aluminum body
  • Steel arms
  • High strength heat treated piston
  • Alloy steel springs
  • Standard configuration is supplied with standard arm and mounting hardware.
  • All door closers are supplied with installation instructions and fixing template.


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