Hettich Cutlery Tray OrgaTray 440, Size 450,550,600 & 900mm, CTM Plastic- HT91949

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OrgaTray 440 Trimmable

9194934 - Tray width 351-400 mm, D441-520 SI SE21011

9194936- Tray width 441-520mm, D451-500 SI SE21000

9194937 - Tray width 501-550 mm, D441-520 SI SE21012

9194940 - Tray width 801-900 mm, D441-520 SI SE21017

  • For general-purpose use
  • Knife holder and/or spice rack can be added
  • Recommended shutter height ≤ 140mm
  • Plastic Tray


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