Opk Hanging Folding Roller Set , Door Weight 200Kg - CN12224A

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Production Features :

  • Reinforce steel ring design and strong loading capacity.
  • Open-type hanging plate design, quick and easy installation.
  • It can be used alone, and it also can be used for folding doors.
  • High precision grade roller, stable, smooth, and quiet sliding.

Technical Points :

  • Application: Single and double wood sliding door
  • Adjustment Performance: Door panel installation height is adjustable
  • Door Weight: Single Door ≥ 200kg


Item No. CN12226A
Door Width ≥300
Door Weight ≤200
Door Thickness 35-80mm
Door Material Wood/Metal
Application Interior
Stacking Options Single point suspension center stack, two-point suspension parallel/side/offset stack

Railings must be bought separately based on the customers' requirements.

  • XJA124.300 - Opk Folding Track 13 Feet


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