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Hettich Multi Clip - Each

MultiClip II 

  • MultiClip can be used in many different applications
  • For wall panelling, room dividers, cladding pillars, fascias and claddings of all types
  • In all applications, the fitting can be screw mounted either parallel or at right angles to the fascia or cladding component
  • If it is necessary to slide the clip connectors on from the front, one of the fittings is screw mounted at an angle of 90°
  • Whether for interior fittings, contract work or volume production, this fitting is a cost saver in many applications
  • Only 1 fitting component for all types of application
  • The clip connector components provide a secure hold with spring loaded flexible clamps and serrated surfaces, load capacity as given in the installation instructions
  • Variable screw on positions permit attachment from above, from the front, from the side as well as flush
  • Compensation for mounting tolerances
  • Clip connectors can be adjusted for perfect alignment
  • Plastic, black


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