Mastwer 12 Hole Shallow Baking Pan - KCMCCB29

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Perfect for baking homemade mince pies, jam tarts,canapés, and little Yorkshire puddings. Create the crispy and crumbly pastry cases that you’ve always wanted, with perforated holes within each of the individual bases to ensure that every single one of your pastry cases is crusty and crisp. Let’s banish the soggy bottom forever! A revolutionary new take on our award-winning MasterClass bakeware that creates the perfect crispy crust. Carefully selected, the Crusty Bake range in MasterClass includes key items for baking and cooking anything dough and pastry related.Cook with confidence using kitchen tools and equipment that are perfect for the aspiring chef. A true MasterClass.


Dimensions 320 × 240 mm
Dishwasher Safe No
Material Aluminum, Non-Stick


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