Higold Fashion Series Rotating Shoe Rack 12 & 10 Layers Cabinet Size 800mm Orange & Cobalt Platinum Colour - HG70369

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HG703691 - HIGOLD Fashion Series Rotating shoe rack

Cabinet 800mm -Orange + Cobalt Gold , 685*355*(1910-2110)mm 12 shelves / soft close - SET

Art. No. Cabinet  WidthxDepthxHeight  Color & Description
703691 800mm 685x355x(1910-2110) mm

  Cobalt platinum
+ armani orange

12 trays

703692 800mm 685x355x(1630-1830)mm

  Cobalt platinum
+ armani orange

12 trays


Rotating shoe rack


  • Cobalt platinum with Armani orange, the interpretation of different fashion aesthetics.
  • The extreme 15° Angle design makes the exhibition more elegant and intuitive.
  • 360° Omni-directional turn-in design makes it easy to take, put and choose shoes with elegance and ease.
  • Easy to remove tray can be easily realized so that different heights of the shoe storage is easier and easier.


  • Leather: using the highest level of Ferrari leather technology, leather is comfortable soft and durable.
  • Guide rail: precise guide rail design gives you weightless experience, quiet and elegant between pushing and pulling.

It is recommended to place high-heeled shoes, leather shoes, running shoes and other shoes

The product is suitable for standard cabinet



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