Higold Armani Top Pants Rack Top Mounting Dimension 350x453x171mm Orange & Cobalt Platinum Colour- HG703502

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HIGOLD Armani Top Pants Rack Orange + Cobalt Gold Top Mounting

Pleat-resistant flocking design, anti-slip and protective clothing Cobalt platinum with Armani orange, the interpretation of a different fashion aesthetics.
The coating part of Armani resin adopts the nanometer spraying technology with the lowest particle degree, and under the support of nanometer spraying technology, the texture of Armani is more delicate and comfortable.


Outer frame: aerospace grade space aluminum cobalt platinum surface, advanced fluorocarbon technology, wear and scratch resistant.
Guide rail: precise guide rail design gives you a weightless experience, quiet and elegant between pushing and pulling.

Recommended storage of trousers

The product is suitable for standard cabinet

Cobalt platinum + Armani orange


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