Mcoco Hand Dryer Dimension 700x300x215mm White Colour - HDAK2030PLS

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Automatic Jet Dryer ABS Body Brushless Electric Motor White Hand Dryer with HEPA filter

Product Description

1. Super Fast Dry-95m/s dual jet air efficient dry time.

2. Double Sterilization-UV Light kills microbial bacteria in the air. HEPA Filtration System has proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air.

3. Dual Wave-shape Outlets-Dual wave-shape outlets make the hand dryer faster dry and low noise.

4. Brushless Motor-DC brushless motor enable starting stable and fast with longer lifetime.

5. Energy Efficient-Saving 85% energy than conventional hand dryer and 95% cost savings Vs. paper towels. Saves time, money and the environment.

Voltage  AC110-130V/AC220-240V
Motor Type DC brushless motor 700W
Power Consumption 700w (heater off when air temp. >25°C ),
1850w ( heater on when air temp. ≤25°C)
Standby Power ≤2W
Heater Type Heating wire 110W
Sterilization UV Light+HEPA Filter +Normal Filter
Sensing Type Touchless infrared
AirSpeed 95m/s or custom
Drying Time 7-10s
Air Temperature 20-40℃, Temperature automatic adjusting with environment temperature
Overtime Protection 25s
Water Protection IPX4
Electric Insulation Class I
Drain Tank 700ml
Case Material ABS (LG)
Weight 9.5kg
Product Size 700*300*215mm(27.56"x11.81"x8.46")
Packing Size 745*355*273mm(29.33"x13.98"x10.75")


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