Mcoco DIY Double Tumbler Toothbrush Holder with Suction Cup 23 x 9 x 13 cm Plastic Stainless Steel Wire Electro Polishing Finish - MC700017

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Suction toothbrush cup holder on the wall by a rubber vacuum cups,  with toothbrush cups for 2 people,  just like the toothbrush holder wall suction 260048.

As features, the plastic toothbrush holder comes with a black rubber vacuum cup, also with silicone glue accessory for the non-smooth bathroom wall surface.   Whatever surface you want to mount the toothbrush holder, there is no damage solution.


  • No drilling and screws, tools required
  • Heavy-duty suction cup for smooth wall surface
  • Silicone glue from a famous USA brand for rough wall surface
  • Eco plastic clear PS tumbler and holder for two-person
  • Stainless steel wire rack, rustproof
  • Remove and Reuse easily


  • Product size: 23 x 9 x 13 cm
  • Rubber vacuum cups: diameter 73 mm, black color
  • Plastic clear PS tumbler  cups
  • Stainless steel wire:  electro-polishing finish


What’s in the box

  • suction cup: 1 piece
  • stainless steel rack: 1 piece
  • plastic toothbrush cup: 2 piece
  • 5 grams silicone glue  1 piece,  glue base 1 piece

Packing info

Packing (1set/polybag/box, 12pcs/ctn) Load quantity
Inner Box Size: 23×9.5×12.5 cm 20’GP: 8172 pcs
Outer Carton Size: 48×30.5×27  cm 40’GP: 16968 pcs
N.W.: 1.37 kg/ctn G.W.: 2.96 kg/ctn 40’HQ: 19692 pcs


How to Affix

  • Suction

Suction installation: tiles, glass, plastic, metal coating, or other smooth surfaces.

  • Glue

Installation by silicone glue: Application for tough surface-mosaic, wood, lime, latex paint, wallpaper, etc.


  1. Reuse notice: put suction into 45-degree warm water for 5 min, dry it off, then repeat the above steps.
  2. Put your matter after a 2-hour test to be sure it is firm installation.
  3. Not recommended for valuable and fragile matter (such as a clock, glass).


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight the suction can hold?

The Garbath patented suction system with advanced rubber materials, with the report from the 3rd party, shows: Recommended max. weight: 5kg for normal use in the home , long-lasting 2-3 years; pull down at average instant weight: 34kg

  • How long can the suction bear on loading?

The key index to review suction performance is how long it can stand on a certain weight.
Normally, we will only put under 5 kilograms of things for normal home use. As per the test report from the 3rd-party, the Garbath suction system can suck on tiles/glass firmly over 1008 days under 5 kilograms.

  • Can it be re-used?

The item affixed by vacuum suction can be re-used. When you want to fix another position, just wash it in warm water before re-using.

  • Can it be used on a non-smooth surface?

A. The vacuum suction system cannot be fixed on a non-smooth surface; the airtight seal cannot appear according to vacuum theory in a rough position.
B . In this case, please affix by glue accessories included in the box.

  • Is it water-proof in the bathroom?

The vacuum suction system seals well after installation, so moisture and water cannot affect the use. It is water-proof.


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