Hettich Flap Stay Lift Basic, Spring force 80N, Steel Silver / Grey Plastic - HT907959300

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Flap Stay Lift Basic (Order Hinge Separately, when using 2 fittings)

9079593 - Lift Basic Flap Stay (3.2kg weight carrying capacity with 2 fittings; Max Flap Dimensions: Width 600 mm & Height 400 mm)

  • For wooden fronts or wood-framed front
  • Flap weight including handle 3.2 kg max. (when using 2 fittings)
  • Flap dimensions: height 400 mm max. / width 600 mm max.
  • Can be used on one or both sides
  • Can be used on left or right
  • Concealed hinges must be fitted at the top of the flap
  • Steel silver effect / grey plastic


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