Ebco Flap Stay Model Length 230mm Plated Brown Finish - FPS2

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FPS2- Flap Stay

  •  Dual purpose for a utility or as a flap stay.
  • Adjustable brake prevents slamming of cabinet flap when opening.
  • Load: 12 kgs
  • Flap Stay for wall units, bar cabinets etc., with horizontal opening flaps.
  • Flap Stay keeps flap open in the horizontal position so that that can be used as a shelf with a load bearing capacity of 12 kgs.
  • Flap Stay comes in a pair and are left and right handed.
  • The Stays have an adjustable brake, used for compensating the weight of different sizes of flap to prevent banging.
  • Flap Stay comes in 3 sizes of different lengths regular, large and extra large for cabinets with different internal heights as shown in the table.
  • Flap Stays are easy to fit. To ensure smooth working they must be used along with Plano hinges. Can also be used with regular hinges.

1. Fit the Stay as shown in fig. 1.


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