EuroArt Floor Spring Suitable For 150kgs Full Set - FS9516HO/SSS

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  • Body in heavy-duty cast iron to ensure high durability.
  • Suitable for double and single action doors up to 150kg.
  • Suitable for timber, metal, and glass doors.
  • Adjustment within the cement box to solve possible alignment problems on site without taking down the door.
  • Suitable for use on fire-rated doors.
  • Mechanical back checks to prevent uncontrolled opening.
  • Fixed power size EN2-4 with high efficiency allows a real personalization of opening and closing forces.
  • Max opening up to 1800 in both swings with hydraulic control from 1050.
  • Free rotation from 1050 to 1800.
  • High-quality anti-freezing oil and seal rings, make the floor springs virtually insensitive to temperature changes.
  • Closing speed and latching speed are controlled by two independent valves to ensure consistent performance.
  • Easier door opening and improved accessibility due to Cam-Motion technology.
  • Cover plate and eyelet in satin stainless steel.


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