EuroArt Ball Lock Backset size 60mm Satin Stainless Steel - SC

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The EuroArt Ball Lock features a secure 60mm backset and a satin stainless steel finish that ensures maximum strength and longevity. With EuroArt, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind and protection 24/7.



Finish: SSS


• A range of cylindrical lock sets suitable for residential applications such as apartments and houses.

• Suitable for left and right-handed doors.

• Backset: 60m m

• Door thickness: 35 to 50mm

• Function: Passage set, Privacy set, Storeroom and Entrance set.

SCPL60: 60mm

SCEL60: 60mm

 Privacy Entrance
• Both knobs are locked or unlocked by pushing the button inside. • Both knobs are locked or unlocked by key outside or push button inside.
• Push-button automatically release when the inside knob is turned or door is closed • Outside locked or unlocked by key outside or push-button inside.
• Outside knob unlocked with a coin insert, inside knob always free. • Inside knob always free


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