Hettich Door Bend Adjustment Fod Fitting - HT73347

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Hettich Door Bend Adjustment Rod Fittings

  • For straightening distorted furniture doors
  • Can also be used as a precautionary measure to prevent doors from warping
  • For door / front panel thicknesses from 16 mm
  • Maximum door / front panel height 2600 mm
  • Installing the fitting is simple and straight forward: a pair of threaded rods, one with a right-hand thread and one with a left-hand thread, are fed into a clamping sleeve
  • The threaded rods are each additionally supported in a housing that slots into a 35 mm drilling where it is screwed into place
  • Turning the clamping sleeve produces tensile or compressive force that corrects door warping or bowing
  • The housing, clamping sleeve and threaded rods are covered to prevent damage to wardrobe and laundry
  • The adjustment fitting can also be used horizontally
  • It is recommended that 2 vertical adjustment fittings are installed near the outer edge. On large, wide doors, 2 horizontal fittings can be used instead or in addition
  • 2 adjustment fitting sets are required per door


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