Cutlery Tray Black Plastic - RE4088B

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Dimensions 535 × 330 × 120 mm
Material Plastic



Allowing you to keep an organised kitchen at all times, our Cutlery Tray in Black Plastic provides dedicated slots for each item of cutlery. Made from a strong and durable plastic, the tray is sized specifically to fit in most types of kitchen draw and features four concave compartments for your forks, knifes, spoons and teaspoons. Easily wiped clean and sanitised when needed, these cutlery trays can also be displayed out during dinner time to effectively allow diners to equip themselves. When empty, the trays are fully stackable minimises the amount of space needed for storage. A durable and reliable addition to busy canteens or kitchens.

  • Solid and durable plastic construction
  • Smooth sides are easy to wash and sanitise
  • Feature 4 slots for all main cutlery items


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