Athmer Drop Down Seal Schall-Ex Slide HG-H8 - 1-578-0958

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Schall-Ex® Slide GS-H8

 ¬ For sliding doors with 8 mm glass thickness

 ¬ Lowest actuation pressure: only 20 N/m

 ¬ Suitable for DIN-L and DIN-R doors

¬ For sliding doors with locks

 ¬ Can be used with automatic sliding doors


Technical data

Glass thickness                                                    8 mm

Dimensions                                                         15 + 32 x 12.6 mm

Actuation                                                            Single actuation

Sealing profile material                                        Silicone, self-extinguishing

Travel                                                                  11 mm

Minimum length                                                 280 mm

Standard lengths                                                708, 833, 958, 1,083, 1,208 mm

Maximum length                                                1,605 mm

Can be shortened by                                          125 mm

Individually packed                                             Foil tube

Article number                                                 1-578 C-0


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