Athmer Drop Down Seal Rainstop M-24/20 WS - 1-932-0958

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Athmer Rainstop® M-24/20 WS

Quick and reliable installation


¬ Sound reduction up to 51 dB

 ¬ Suitable for DIN L/R

 ¬ For doors opening outwards and inwards

 ¬ Automatic height adjustment

¬ Set-up for Ø10mm flush bolt optional

¬ No tools needed for adjustment


Technical data

Width                    Height                                   24 x 20 mm

Actuation                                                            Single actuation

Sealing profile material                                        Silicone, self-extinguishing

Travel                                                                  13 mm

Minimum length                                                  300 mm

Standard lengths                                                 900, 975, 1,050, 1,125, 1,200, 1,275, 1,350, 1,425 and 1,500 mm

Maximum length                                                 1,500 mm

Can be shortened by                                           75 mm on both sides

Article number                                                  1-932


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