Athmer Drop Down Seal Doppeldicht M-12/35 - 1-392-0960

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Doppeldicht® M-12/35

The slimline acoustic door seal


¬ Double actuation for individual floor levels adjustment

¬ Single actuation optional

 ¬ Hinge-side actuator button, stepless fine adjustment,

 ¬ deeper grooves up to 40 mm possible

 ¬ Extra depth of the groove is covered with stainless steel mounting bracket

 ¬ Slight subsequent reduction of door height

¬ For use with multipoint locks

¬ Stile dimension: 20 mm

 ¬ Galvanised steel, art. no. 1589


Technical data


Groove width                                     12mm

Actuation                                           Single actuation

Sealing profile material                       Silicone, self-extinguishing

Maximum travel                                 11mm

Minimum length                                 235mm, n.r.

Standard lengths                                708, 833, 958, 1,083, 1,208 mm

Maximum length                                1,335 mm

Can be shortened by                          125 mm

Article number                                    1-392


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