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Cutting any food requires a tool that performs this task easily and perfectly. The Tramontina Las Vegas Table Knife in Stainless Steel was what was missing for your kitchen to be complete. The blade of the knife is tempered, which ensures a precise cut and durability in the edge. Made of stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion, as well as being easy to clean and of high quality.


Content General Information: Entirely made of stainless steel, and highly durable, it maintains its original characteristics, preserving the beauty, hygiene and durability of the material . Knife with a tempered blade, which guarantees greater durability in the cutting edge and greater resistance to corrosion, and due to its temper ability characteristic, it does not scratch porcelain. The handle of the knife fits best in the palm of your hand. It has a harmonic balance between the handle and the blade. With differentiated and modern design, high gloss finish, and satin strip. It can be washed daily in the dishwasher. 


Dimensions 225 × 20 × 10 mm
Brand Tramontina
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Stainless Steel


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