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After lunch, nothing more delicious than enjoying a delicious dessert, the Tramontina Wind Stainless Steel Dessert Knife is the best choice for this occasion. It is entirely produced in stainless steel and provides you with durability and high strength. It is still very easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.



Fully tempered knife, which guarantees greater durability on the cutting edge and greater resistance to corrosion, and due to its temper ability characteristic, it does not scratch porcelain.
Entirely made of stainless steel, it maintains its original characteristics, preserving the beauty, hygiene and durability of the material.
Gloss and matte finish.
Suitable for daily use blends with any environment.
It can be washed daily in the dishwasher.


Use only soap or detergent and a soft sponge. Other types of products, such as steel wool, may scratch or impair the brightness of the cutlery.
Rinse each piece thoroughly to completely remove residues from cleaning products, which, as they are abrasive, can attack stainless steel.
Whenever possible, use hot water, as it renews the cutlery’s shine.
After washing, dry the cutlery immediately, otherwise the chemicals in the water (chlorine) may cause stains.
Avoid friction between the cutlery during the washing process and in storage, to keep them safe.
Avoid contact of parts with hot surfaces. They cause the product to discolour.
Do not store the tableware in humid places. Moisture also causes stains.
Any knife, regardless of brand, to maintain the cutting edge, is made of steel with a higher carbon content and is therefore less resistant to corrosion. Therefore, we ask you to pay special attention to this article, as you will be more prone to the problems mentioned.


Weight 0.473 kg
Dimensions 211 × 19 × 4 mm
Brand Tramontina
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Stainless Steel


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