Tramontina Barbecue Set 6 Piece - 26499032

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The BBQ may get rusty due to lack of use. The spits will not. With this in mind, the Churrasco Line features spits with stainless steel blades and wooden handles. Easy to clean; heat and wear-resistant. And the most important thing: it is always ready to roast.


Main Functions and Benefits

Stainless steel blades.
Wooden handles.
Aluminum rivets.


Recommendations for Use

Wash and dry the items thoroughly before first use.
Handle sharp objects with care and keep them out of the reach of children.
For longer-lasting products, dry well before storing.
Please recycle products and packaging according to existing recycling guidelines.


Weight 1.01 kg
Brand Tramontina
Dishwasher Safe No
Material Stainless Steel, Wood


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