Samet Lift-Up Door Mechanism Duolift 720 With Mono-Duo Power Unit D1(2 Black Colour Power Unit) Grey -SM1240604300

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By combining minimalist perspectives with SAMET’s high technology, world-renowned designers Defne Koz and Marco Susani created the perfect functionality and sophisticated design for furniture. SAMET Multilift, Lift-Up Door Mechanism, has been designed to occupy minimal space while providing the most elegant look. On special request from SAMET, Defne Koz and Marco Susani developed the Multilift Lift-Up Door Mechanism that produces striking and aesthetical effects on furniture in two different colors, white and gray. This design has been developed to present a delicate design to touch the hearts of users.

Elegant Design for Lifting Doors.

Safety and Comfort Combined

SAMET Multilift Lift-Up Door Mechanism always gives priority to user safety by preventing fast and sharp movements while opening and closing. Multilift Lift Door Systems have been developed through innovative solutions enabling much more comfortable use of furniture. Multilift prevents small accidents, such as trapped fingers, with the help of SAMET's high technology.

Silent and perfect opening & closing

Multilift Lifting Door Systems, a combination of the design experience of Defne Koz and Marco Susani and SAMET's technology, has been specially designed for double door mechanisms. With the help of the gradually opening mechanism, SAMET Multilift Lift-Up Door Mechanism provides the opportunity to place furniture doors, especially high cabinets, at the intended point. In addition, with an anti-collision, soft close mechanism, it improves the comfort of use.

Technical Specifications

• Customize the cover design.

• Aluminum, sheet metal, and plastic material.

• Standard gas-springs.

• Adjustable after mounting.

• Adjustable due to cabinet door weight.

• Opening angle adjustment.

• Adaptable 5 different force options after mounting to the body.

• Cabinet heights from 540 mm to 900 mm up to 1200 mm cabinet door width

• 3 kg - 21 kg loading capacity.


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