Portable Infrared Gas Stove - MS3500C

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Dimensions 330 × 290 × 190 mm
Type of Gas



Dishwasher Safe


Stainless Steel



1、Energy-efficient Stove: The infrared ceramic honeycomb burner is more resistant to high temperature and more safer. At the same time, it transfers most of the heat directly to the burner for more energy-efficient. It comes with a wind-proof ring, so you don’t have to worry about the fire being blown out by the wind.
2、Stable Combustion: The 40 oxygen wind hole of one row makes the oxygen is fully even, and the combustion is more stable.
3、More Uniform Heat: The infrared flameless combustion, 2900W smoldering heat and flameless combustion for more uniform heat, avoiding partial heating of the flame, causing uneven heating of the pan.
4、Easy to Clean: The 4 windshield and 4 windshield wall are surrounded by flame, which makes the flame combustion is more stable. The stove is detachable, so cleaning is more convenient ans its energy saving is more efficient.
5、Safety Guarantee: Cut off safety valve when the stove is over-voltage. For safety protection, the stove have the over-voltage automatic shut-off device and safe cylinder installation system. The gas pipe is made of brass, with high temperature resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient.



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