Mcoco Steel Round Black Color Utensil Holder with Wooden Bottom Each - YI-16615

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Metal knife and fork storage Mcoco with on-site delivery throughout Georgia. Make your kitchen more comfortable by purchasing this model. Metal products have become an integral part of our lives for a long time. The presented model blends perfectly with the interior of all types of kitchens. The quality of MCOCO  products is recognized by experts, distinguished by ergonomic design, best price, and customer reliability. 

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in product design without notice. Our online store is not responsible for changes made by the manufacturer. Before purchasing, please confirm the visual, color, and data with the operator!


  • Brand: DONGFANG
  • Model: YM16615 22176 
  • Material: metal
  • Type: Cutlery holder
  • Color: Black

Additional information:

  • with on-site delivery throughout Georgia


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