Higold Armani Clothes Baskets -Cabinet 900mm - Orange + Cobalt Gold Soft Close (Angas) - HG703734

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Simple European style design, easy to receive all kinds of clothing.

Art. No. Cabinet  WidthxDepthxHeight  Color
703734 900mm 864x465x280 mm Cobalt platinum
+ armani orange



Cobalt platinum collocation armani orange, deduce different fashion aesthetics Ferrari seat leather technology, bring the most comfortable touch texture. The leather basket that pure handiwork sews matchs cobalt-platinum frame outside, present costly vision regal.
Velcro design, convenient installation, left and right fine tuning, breaking the cabinet limit. The first big R design, more subtle can reflect the intimate care of armani. Upgrade the frame and increase the overall storage space by 20%. The size of the product is shortened, which is more suitable for the domestic wardrobe market.


Outer frame: outer frame: space grade aluminum, cobalt and platinum surface, advanced fluorocarbon technology, wear-resistant and scratch-proof.
Basket: hand-sewn and wrapped in high quality leather, perfect care experience Bottom plate: the bottom plate is strengthened to enhance the bearing capacity,
so that the product will not be deformed in use Slide rail: adopt the world's top Heidi guide rail, close to zero resistance, push and pull more smoothly.

It is suggested to put scarves, blankets, air conditioners, heavy clothing and other items

The product is suitable for standard cabinet



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