EuroArt Floor Pivot For 250Kg & 1400mm Door Width - EURO1000/25F

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  • The EuroArt floor pivot uses the same class leading bearing technology as the floor spring and is used in applications where there is no requirement for closing a door, and using hinges is difficult because the door is heavy or a double action is required.
  • The 2000/4F can carry a door up to 400kg whilst having a very small footprint, and only has a recess below the floor surface of 15mm.
  • The 1000/25F can carry a door upto 250kg with a recess below the floor surface of 16.5mm.
  • The range is compatible with all EuroArt floor spring strap systems and top centres, which must be ordered separately, if required.
  • Different height spindle extensions between 5mm and 50mm are available, but these must be ordered with the pivot as they cannot be changed on site.
    Ref. - 1000/25F
    Closing force EN Size N/A
    Door Size Width (mm) 1400
    - Weight (kg) 250
    Mechanism Rack & Pinion No
    - Cam & Roller No
    Angle of Opening - N/A
    Non Handed - Yes
    Power Adjustment By Spring No
    - By Template No
    Action Availability Single Yes
    - Double Yes
    Adjustable Sweep Speed - No
    Adjustable Latching Speed - No
    Adjustable Backcheck - No
    Adjustable Delay Action - No
    Hold Open - No
    Guarantee - 10 years
    Single Action Accessories - Yes
    Double Action Accessories - Yes
    Spindle Extention - Yes


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