Epic Main Door Digital Mortise Lever Lock Open With 4 Way Option Black Colour Finish - EF-8000L

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* TX200 - Remote Control (Optional) 

* RX200 - Remote Control Module (Optional) 

EPIC Main Door Digital Lever Lock - EF-8000L


  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Normal Pin & Guest Pin Number
  • Fingerprint Individual Registration
  • Fingerprint Individual Delete
  • Fingerprint All-at-once Registration
  • Fingerprint All-at-once Delete
  • Dual-Mode Security Feature
  • Pin & RFID Card Authentication
  • Pin & RFID Card Individual Registration
  • Pin & RFID Card All-at-once Registration
  • Pin & RFID Card Individual Delete
  • Pin & RFID Card All-at-once Delete
  • Internal Force Lock Feature
  • Multi-Touch Feature
  • Random Number Feature
  • Automatic Lock Setting
  • Manual Lock Setting
  • Fire Alarm
  • Anti-Hacking Alarm
  • Anti-Prank Alarm
  • 1 Minute Lock
  • Deadbolt Error Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Emergency Battery
  • Volume Setting
  • Mute Setting
  • Remote Control Feature (Optional) 
  • Home Network Feature (Optional) 
  • Mechanical Key Feature
  • Left & Right Hand Handle Setting


 Product Dimension Front Body : 85(W) X 305(H) X 25(D)mm
Back Body : 85(W) X 305(H) X 30(D)mm
Applicable Door Material Wood, Aluminum
Power Supply DC 6V LR6 1.5V AA Sized Alkaline Battery 8EA
Fire Sensor 72 Degrees +/- 5 Degrees (Testing Room)
62 Degrees +/- 5 Degrees (Normal Room)
Accessories 2 Key / 2 RFID Epoxy / 2 RFID Sticker
Applicable Door Thickness 40mm ~ 50mm
Authentication Method Fingerprint & Pin Number & RFID Card & Mechanical Key
Emergency Battery DC 9V Alkaline Battery (Sold Separately)
Material Front Body: AL, ZN, ABS
Back Body: ZN, ABS
Registrations 1 Pin Number (Normal)
1 Guest Pin Number
Up to 100 RFID Cards
Up to 100 Fingerprints



RX200 - Epic RX200 Remote control receiver Module

TX200 - Epic TX200 Remote control  (Transmitter) for all models which has RX receiver modules 




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