Wilita Contact Cleaner 300ml (02200)- WL02200CONT

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Contact Cleaner - 300 ML (02200)


* Stops squeaking, sticking, binding, and retards corrosion.
* Dries fast without a greasy or oily film.
* Makes cleaning easier and quicker.
* Saves time, protects, and preserves equipment.
* Use on such surfaces as window glass, rubber, metal, plastic, painted finishes, and most fabrics.
* Odourless, colorless, non-staining, waxless and heat-stable- unaffected by temperature ranging from -20°C to 180°C
* Low surface tension properties.


Contains no CFC propellant. Low VOC formula and ozone friendly. Consult your local air quality regulations.


Cleans dust, dirt and other contamination from electrical and electronic components such as electromechanical
assemblies, circuit boards, circuit breakers, motor controls, plug, jacks, and terminals, while drying quickly and without
leaving a residue.


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