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Barbecue Tongs Barbecue Tongs - 63800680

Barbecue Tongs Barbecue Tongs - 63800680

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Who doesn’t like having a great BBQ to gather friends and family together or simply to enjoy a good cut of meat? Tramontina’s stainless steel barbecue tongs from the Utility line will make your life easier because these tongs are ideal for handling and serving food without releasing any particles into the food. This practical utensil is dishwasher-safe. With Tramontina, you will experience great moments!


Main Functions and Benefits Entirely made in stainless steel, does not release any residues onto food, keeping it healthy.
Highly durable, maintains original features, preserving looks, hygiene, and durability of the material.
It is safe for daily dishwasher use.
Recommendations for Use Use only detergent and a soft sponge. Other types of products, such as steel wool, might scratch or damage the shine of the tableware.
Rinse each piece well in order to completely remove the residue of the cleaning products that are abrasive and can damage stainless steel.
Use warm water whenever possible as it renews the cutlery's shine.
After washing, dry the tableware immediately otherwise the chemical substances in water (chlorine) can stain the tableware.
Do not allow the tableware to rub against each other during washing and storage in order to prevent scratches.
Do not allow the tableware to come in contact with any hot surfaces. This can discolor the tableware.
Do not store the tableware in humid places, as it can cause stains.



Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 38 × 22 × 126 mm
Brand Tramontina
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Stainless Steel
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Barbecue Tongs Barbecue Tongs - 63800680
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Barbecue Tongs Barbecue Tongs - 6380068063800680
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