Upgrade Your Locker System and Simplify Security with the GL7p!

Upgrade Your Locker System and Simplify Security with the GL7p!

Gone are the days of managing clunky keys and lost locker combinations.  Here at M. M. Noorbhoy & Co, we're excited to introduce the GL7p, a revolutionary electronic lock system designed to bring enhanced security, unmatched convenience, and significant cost savings to your locker management.

The GL7p offers unparalleled flexibility with its dual access options:

1. PIN Code Keypad: Assign unique PIN codes to individual users, ensuring only authorized personnel can access specific lockers. This personalized approach is perfect for environments where security is paramount.

2. RFID (NFC) Data Carriers: For high-traffic areas, leverage contactless access with key cards or fobs. This method provides a quick and easy way for users to enter their designated lockers, streamlining operations.

But the benefits of the GL7p extend far beyond access options. Upgrading your existing locker system is a breeze with its innovative design:

1. Broad Material Compatibility: The GL7p seamlessly integrates with lockers constructed from metal, wood, or plastic, eliminating the need to replace your current infrastructure.

2. Wireless Installation: Say goodbye to complicated cabling! The GL7p installs effortlessly, minimizing disruption to your workspace.

Reuse Existing Mounting Holes: Enjoy a cost-effective and time-saving installation by reusing the mounting holes from your previous mechanical locks.

The GL7p doesn't just simplify access; it also minimizes your administrative burden.

PC-Based Configuration: Manage user access with ease through a user-friendly interface on your PC.

Long Battery Life: A single battery boasts an impressive lifespan of up to 10 years, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

But wait, there's more!  The GL7p boasts a range of additional features designed to enhance your locker management experience:

Clear Status Indication: The lock button provides a quick visual cue, indicating whether a locker is occupied or available.

Elegant, Low-Profile Design: The GL7p maintains the clean aesthetics of your space with its modern and discreet design.

Optional Wireless Network: For enhanced control, explore the possibility of remote management capabilities (contact us for details!).

NFC/App Configuration Potential: Look towards the future with the potential for app-based access control (more information available upon enquiry).

The GL7p goes beyond just locker security; it integrates seamlessly with existing RFID access and cashless payment systems, creating a unified and streamlined user experience.

Ready to transform your locker management and elevate security?

Contact us today at 075 952 0480. Our team of experts is here to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect GL7p solution for your space.

Let's revolutionize locker security together!

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